What is Triple Axis patented technology?.  

Triple Axis technology (X,Y, Z, multiple ski orientation) allows, by means of a simple movement of the pedal, the perfect configuration on entire steering system at the moment of drawing a turn. This involves both, the steering skis system and the vehicle lean effect.
The combination of Triple Axis effect together with the intuitive rider weight change, on right or left pedal, result in an efficient turn on the snow. Easy, stable, snappy

In addition, the wide coverage of the patents allow the incorporation of suspension to the system, as well as different assisted control modes, completely electronic or simply in mechanical mode.

Why we incorporate control pedals to new Snowmoped versions?.

After many years testing Snowmoped concept prototypes, we have verified that the combined use of Triple Axis technology and pedal performance, more lateral balance vehicle, allow you a great possibility of combinations when making the turn.
Initially Snowmoped did not have TripleAxis technology, so the turn required skill from the rider.

Some time later we developed the Triple Axis patented technology, but we did not incorporate pedals yet in this time, so depending of the rider lateral inclination the steering system was activated automatically, however the system did not distinguish different textures of snow, so it was mainly effective in compacted snow.
Finally the addition of the pedals provide complete control over the TripleAxis effect, and which means different ways of driving. It is the rider who decides when to activate it, this allows it to adapt to the different conditions and texture of the snow, as well as to the diverse orography of the terrain.

The texture of snow can be found in very different qualities (soft snow, powder snow, packed snow, wet snow, loose snow such as haill, or even a mix of all of these)
Even below the same snowy surface we can find layers with different thicknesses and textures.

In addition another point that also help to develop turn in Snowmoped is his patented carving ski.

So with light weight and reduced volume, Snowmoped transmits a total feeling control.

Create long and gentle curves, but also skids and full 360º turns within one meter radius, it is easy, safe and amazing fun. 

it is surprising the great handling that has and how it can go dodging the trees, the scrub, and to driving in narrow paths within the forest.

Zero emissions or sustainable vehicle.

Developing a sustainable vehicle is not just thinking about equipping a clean petrol engine or electric powertrain system. Many other important factors are necessary apply, such as light weight, low resistance mechanism and low friction when moving through the snowy ground.
All these factors would help to reach greater range of use autonomy.
Snowmoped is an optimal platform vehicle to equip a coming electric propulsion.

The Piaggio four-stroke engine used for testing prototypes.

Snowmoped prototypes are tested with different capacities of 150cc and 200cc four-stroke Piaggio engine.
The Euro4 regulation is reached and the efficient exhaust muffler catalized make to Snowmoped a very silent and clean vehicle. It has an automatic clutch with CVT transmission and a secondary gear box transmission, all this provides an extraordinary mechanical reliability, low maintenance costs and long life use.

Innovative and efficient design in the right size .

Quality in the components, as the strong, light and elegant tubular frame completely of stainless steel and the Camoplast rubber track, provides traction performances and durability in the snow.